A Slingshot Kind of Week

SlingshotThe past couple years, I’ve somewhat consciously experienced a lot of energetic shifts. And a pattern has emerged. That pattern was very clear this week. Monday I felt great. Woke up ready to go, stayed in flow, got a ton of housework done and felt really pumped. Got my hair cut and ran some errands after that. When I got home, I felt kind of tired. I’d done a lot of stuff in the morning, but didn’t feel like I should be that tired. Got a solid 8 hours of sleep, but felt kind of tired in the morning still. Started reading The Mood Cure by Julia Ross (reading = listening to the audio book for me whenever an audio book exists) and it made a lot of sense to me.

I had my first client coming for an Intuitive Guidance session with me. I was really excited, and all I wanted to do was clean my kitchen and the parts of the house she’d walk through on her way to the basement healing room. Her appointment was at 5:30pm and I had all day. But I didn’t do it. My kitchen was still a wreck with things gathered in piles everywhere and a couple sweet potatoes baking in the oven when she arrived 15 minutes early.

I ran around making a few last minute preparations as I got her ready for the session and then settled into it. That went really well! And it turned out that (like me), she finds it kind of comforting when she goes to a person’s home and it’s lived in rather than pristine and perfect. Whew!

After she left, I noticed the slight headache I’d had most of the day becoming more prominent. I also realized that the sweet potatoes were still baking in the oven. They turned into a delicious smelling, crusty, syrupy sort of mess. I turned the oven off and left them in there. Didn’t feel like eating much. I was also oddly nauseous. I’m not prone to nausea, generally, so it’s a noteworthy difference when it shows up.

I’ve had plenty of flu and that kind of sickness throughout my life, so I know what that feels like. It wasn’t that. I didn’t throw up or anything. Just felt weird. Couldn’t think very well. Remembered that I had taken my Nuvigil (for narcolepsy) in the morning and my supplements. Hadn’t eaten great, but that was a pretty weird feeling.

Wednesday I woke up feeling the same, but it was more intense. I used to call those kinds of headaches a psychic hangover, but I don’t feel that’s it. I think it’s a precursor rather than something that happens after the fact. Definitely in this case. I spent the whole day on the couch unable to do much more than watch some TV or tap around on my iPhone. The cat and parrot have been super agitated most of the week as well. Much whiny meowing and squawking. Always a treat. Neither one of them would sit with me to be petted. The bird just flitted between perches beyond my reach and screeched most of the day.

I was really going downhill in the afternoon. A call from a friend brought up a lot of old wounds for me and I was depressed and extremely emotional the rest of the day. My husband, Shannon, had a lovely day till he came home. It was hard for him to deal with me in that state. Understandably so. I knew I wasn’t being reasonable or logical. But I also couldn’t get out of the hole. The message I got when I asked for help was that it would pass, but I needed to allow myself to go through it.

I burned sage and smudged myself and the house to clear anything out that didn’t belong. Felt a little lift, but the heaviness was still there and got worse again. I’ve had one migraine in my life, and this is different. There are similarities, but it’s hard to explain. It’s a different feeling. And I can’t make it stop. It’s hard to just relax into it and let it run its course.

Finally got to sleep late. I was thrilled to wake up the next morning (after some crazy dreams) feeling like myself again. Out from under the anvil of whatever that was. I was afraid to push it, lest it return. Wound up just having a very chill day in with Shannon after he returned from his morning job. He’s been doing a lot of handy man work this week and wanted some down time. We talked a lot. It was good.

I went to the Clintonville Co-op shortly before they closed and got some things there that I haven’t been able to find anywhere else. Watched some TV and relaxed after making dinner. Then went to bed.

Woke up this morning feeling AWESOME and energized! Last night I’d gotten chicory root granules at the Co-op to make like coffee (a tip from my friend Beatrice). The taste is somewhat similar, but instead of making your system more acidic like all coffee and many other things in our typical diet, it is an alkalizing, caffeine-free beverage that’s really good for you. Shannon woke up a little late, but I popped right up and made some of that and a decent breakfast. The chicory was good with some cinnamon! I got Shannon everything he needed to start his day, and everythin felt easy and light.

I have some appointments today, and I have a feeling that there will be big shifts coming from somewhere. That’s the thing with this pattern I mentioned initially. This week is like pulling back a slingshot. Wednesday was where it was pulled back as far as it could go. It takes a lot of energy to hold that back. Thursday was having it held there and taking aim at the target. Still takes a lot of energy to hold it, but you’re focusing more on where you want the shot to go than pulling it back.

And this morning was the release! Pechooooo! I don’t know what’s happening, but I feel myself hurtling through space right now. I don’t know what the targets are, or when I’ll hit them exactly, but that shot is in motion! It’s hard to remember this part when you’re in a Wednesday place, though. Really hard.

Today I’ve got a lot of awesome work to do, and I’m excited about it! I don’t even know what yet, exactly, but I’m showing up. I’m going where I’m called to go and doing whatever feels right in each moment. And instead of thinking it would be good to write about this someday, I just sat down and wrote it, and now I’ll post it. I want to do more of that. There’s so much more to share! Much love to you!

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  1. Love the blog and the invitation into your emotions, feeling, space. Enjoyed reading this while drinking my iced chicory root iced with cream.

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