I’m an optimist and I smile a lot. I’m nice, approachable, and easy to talk to. I’m very eclectic if nothing else.

Here are a bunch of things I’ve done or been, loosely in reverse chronological order:

  • WordPress site jockey
  • hopeful UX designer
  • hub of awesome people
  • member of Serendipity Stables board of directors
  • passionate volunteer
  • Ruby adjacent
  • Mac user
  • Vim enthusiast
  • iPad symbiote
  • hugger
  • people person
  • vegetarian
  • Oracle Database Administrator
  • all purpose technology liaison
  • vegan
  • phone support help desk technician
  • proud omnivore
  • gadgetphile
  • gamer (European board and video, not chess)
  • roller skater
  • karaoke enthusiast
  • Unix user
  • horseback rider
  • Linux user
  • AS/400 administrator
  • all-around computer, network, software, hardware, printer fixer person
  • mental hospital transcriptionist (typed 90wpm then, more like 70wmp now)
  • BBS user
  • Windows user
  • parrot owner (she’s nearly 16 now, currently squawking at me, and named Harold)
  • spell-check eschewer
  • design major at OSU
  • carpet and flooring salesperson
  • retail clothing seller
  • psychology major at Capital University
  • music major at Capital University (oboe and English horn)
  • roller blader
  • dancer
  • fixer
  • good listener
  • observer
  • Pong player
If you got a problem, yo, I’ll solve it!*
*unless the problem is that you have “Ice, Ice, Baby” stuck in your head. In that case, I probably caused it. Just listen to some good music or enjoy the relaxing combination of chainsaws, bullhorns and wood chippers until it goes away.

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