My Special Tea

I was at an event a month ago hosted at my friend’s house. It’s a beautiful home set back in the woods with lots of windows and bird feeders drawing our feathered friends in close. The event was about creating a Native American Medicine Wheel Garden. During the first hours, we talked a lot about sacred space, empowerment and how we impact the Earth we inhabit. I was feeling really good and happy as we transitioned into a break.

Rainbow HairThere was food and drink available, and I thought a cup of tea sounded nice. They have a lot of tea and several varieties were sitting out in a wooden chest; each in either a nice zip closure style bag, or in a tea tin. I picked one up and saw that it was called “Rainbow Harmony,” which really appealed to me. I was getting my hair dyed rainbow colors the next day, and it made me smile. After seeing that it had previously been opened (I typically won’t open a sealed bag), I grabbed the metal measuring scoop and shoved it into the little bag expecting to pull out a scoop of loose leaf tea. But it came out empty. I could see there was something in there, so I took a closer look and saw two dime-sized balls in the bag. “What kind of fancy tea is this?!” I thought. I read the label and it said it was a blooming tea, and to steep it until it unfurled into a flower.

I thought “Oh, that’s *special tea*” and put the bag back in the chest. As I started to peruse the selection again, I wondered why I felt unworthy of the special tea. They had put it out there, presumably to be enjoyed rather than admired, respected, and put back in the chest. I thought “*I’m* special, and I’m going to enjoy this special tea!”

a cup of blooming teaAfter popping one in a white mug and pouring boiling water on top, I took it over to a table where a few others were gathered. I watched as it unfurled and bloomed slowly. The aroma was delightful! The others at the table wanted to see, and so we all enjoyed its unfurling. And then I got to drink it.

The flavor was subtle and earthy. The sweetness from the scent didn’t quite make it into the flavor, but it was a lovely experience all around and I savored every second of it. I even brewed a second mug of tea from the same bloom at the end of the event.

And now I’ve written about it. So who was that tea for if it wasn’t for me? How many times a day do I think about something I want and then decide that somebody else deserves it more, or that it’s just not something for lil’ ol’ me.

We all have different gifts in this life. Nobody sees things through quite the same lens as anybody else does. Why do I always feel like I’ll leave those things for somebody who would likely appreciate it more, or better?

I do that in so many aspects of my life… figure that somebody else knows better. I trust my intuition to a point, but I often defer to somebody else’s perceived expertise. There are many people I can help, and many that I have helped. If I’m going to fully embrace that as part of my life, I have to take opportunities like that instead of leaving them for somebody else. There are plenty of opportunities to go around. If we all took the opportunities to use our gifts to help each other, it would create even *more* opportunities, not reduce them! “The more we have, the more we have to give.” There is plenty for everybody. And helping people to see that is just one of my “special teas.” What’s yours? 🙂