DIY Cable Hider Box

I recently gutted my home office and rearranged the furniture since this is where I spend much of my life working now. Time for new systems and procedures. Yay! In the last iteration of my workspace, there were all these cables just behind my monitor. My desk has no hole or grommet for cables to go through, so they’re either on top of or behind the desk. They were neatly bundled, but cables are still cables and made it look and feel messy even when it was at its best. So I went to my basement looking for something resembling this CableBox thing. I was thinking about a shoe box or something like that. I found this little black folding crate. Holes on the side? Check. That’ll do.

Small crate of cables

I threaded the cables through the handles and left the cord bundle in the middle like the picture above. When I was done threading all the cables through, I just flipped it over so the bottom was on top, making a little hideaway for the mess of cables. That also created a little bit of usable space back there, so I put my external hard drive on top of it. Looks better and slightly more functional than cable town of yore.

Finished with drive on top

Looks pretty clean from the front view, too. I’ll probably get a little artsy and cover the crate with fabric or paper or something, but this is fine for now.

Front of workspace

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