I’m getting married!

2015 has been the biggest roller coaster year of my life so far. I feel like that statement was true after just the first month. It has been pretty crazy. One of my biggest takeaways has been that tomorrow is not guaranteed for any of us. We’re here on this planet for a precious short time, and I’m being a lot more mindful about what I do with my time. Since October 11, 2014, much of that time has included my boyfriend, Shannon. We both knew right from the start that this is a special relationship for both of us. We just know.

Along with being a wonderful and transformative relationship, It’s also been very challenging for both of us. We’ve had some incredibly intense stuff happen since we got together. But we’ve been blessed with supportive friends and family helping us through it all. Our blessings keep increasing along with our abilities to see them. We are in this boat together, for better or worse. We are two complex and multi-faceted creatures that complement each other very well. We’ve done great as individuals, and it’s going to be interesting to see what will come of our union as it evolves. To deepen that commitment, I’m happy to announce that we’re getting married at the end of May.

We’ve actually been engaged since early February, but are still working out the details. With all the crazy stuff going on, we are currently leaning toward having a very small private ceremony with just us at a friend’s house followed immediately by a honeymoon in Carolina Beach with my family (the vacation was planned a year ago, but is now doubling as our honeymoon). And once we have some time to plan, we’ll have a big party to celebrate!
Engagement Collage
My engagement ring found me at the Gift of Light Expo on March 14, and I’ve worn it since. It’s a Herkimer diamond tension set in white gold. Simple, but powerful. I played with markers and crayons Sunday afternoon to create the colorful artwork on the left. I got my hair dyed yesterday and all those colors are included! I molded the hearts Sunday evening and Shannon helped me mash the red and blue together to make purple. We’re strong on our own, but there’s a lot of magic in our together. <3 <3 <3

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  1. I married my husband 15 weeks after our first date, and almost 10 years and 3 sons later we still make each other try harder every day. I still melt when he walks in the door after work every day. I’m so happy to see you glowing and strong. Congratulations and many warm wishes for experiences and memories of the best kind.

    • April!!! Yay! I’m so glad to hear that things are still going so great with John. You just *knew*! <3 Wonderful about your kiddos as well. So happy to hear that. Thank you for your well-wishes. We had a really nice (even smaller than the first) ceremony on 5/30/15 and a lovely honeymoon in Carolina Beach. I am really enjoying married life this time around. Made me so happy to see your comments. Thanks, April!! 🙂

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