My Horse Friend Charm

Before I was a member of the board of directors at Serendipity Stables, I was just a person who went to workshops there. One such workshop was in December 2011. It was one of the several Native American Energy Balancing workshops I attended, and it was just Michele Davis (Serendipity’s founder and President) and me for this one. It was cold out, so we did most of the workshop inside Michele’s house. She showed me how to do some energy balancing on her cat, Ruby, who quickly went from purring to napping. Then Michele suggested I go out to the stables and do the same work with Sere (pronounced “SAE ree”), the oldest and most experienced healing horse. I went out, but couldn’t find Sere. This was before she had her cataract problem, and she was roaming the grounds freely. There were a few of the horses huddled in the stall behind Sere’s. I walked up to the gate and asked out loud “Who wants to work with me?”

Before I finished that sentence, one of the smaller horses with big, soft eyes had made her way over to me and looked right at me. It seemed clear that she had volunteered. She didn’t nose around for treats, as is often the case. She just looked at me, and I said “Well, thank you…” and as soon as I started to wonder which one she was (several of them look very similar) I felt like this must be Charm. She dropped her head and her breathing slowed. It seemed like she was in what Michele referred to as the “healing stance.” I felt like instead of practicing on her, she was doing healing work on me!



Michele came out to see how I was doing, presumably with Sere. When she saw me with Charm, she said “She’s doing healing work on you. Don’t worry about practicing. She says you need some help.” I did. I had been diagnosed with a 4cm ovarian cyst a few days prior to that. The doctor told me that she would let it go for a month and see if it got bigger or smaller. And if it got to 5cm, she would decide whether I needed surgery or not. And as Charm stood there in front of me, I felt an odd sensation around the area where the cyst was. It felt kind of like popcorn popping inside me. Lightly. It wasn’t uncomfortable. Just unusual. When that sensation subsided, she brought her head back up, and Michele gave me a couple treats to give her for her work. She let me practice on her after that, and I felt great when I left that day.

About a month later, I went back to the doctor for a follow-up exam. I didn’t have any expectations. I figured it would probably be the same size, or maybe a little smaller. I was pretty surprised when she told me that my ultrasound was completely normal. The cyst was completely gone, and everything looked as it should. This is not unheard of, or even terribly uncommon. Most women have a few ovarian cysts over the years. They generally come and go without even being noticed. But I was thrilled, regardless. That meant no surgery for me, which was great because I was losing my health insurance at the end of the month, and that appointment was the last one I went to that was covered.

I feel that Charm helped to heal me. And she did it asking for nothing in return (except for a couple horse treats). That was my first of many good experiences with her. A few months later in July, I became a board member. The horses help people. They are incredible beings and wonderful healers. This is just a small example of the many things they’ve done to help people, and especially children. Many times people come to the stables after they’ve exhausted most other options. They figure “Why not? It won’t make things worse.” and often they leave surprised by the help they received. And they often return again and again.

We had an unfortunate event take place this past Friday in the wee hours of the morning. While Charm was lying down sleeping in the pasture, a coyote attacked her and mauled the left side of her face. Thankfully, both her eyes were spared, but there is a lot of damage on her face from her ear to her nostril. It was a hugely traumatic event for her and the other horses.

Many of you have sent healing energy to Charm and the other horses during this difficult time. We appreciate it so very much. She is responding well to the treatments, and it looks like she will recover from the attack. It is going to be a long road to recovery for her, though. She is such a sweet, gentle and giving soul. Please keep her in your prayers and send healing energy if you are able to do so. Also, if you would like to donate, please click on ReDonate and either make a one-time donation, or sign up for the reminder service and just give what you can each month. You’ll just get a reminder email with a link that you can click on to donate, change the amount, or ignore it. Completely up to you.

There is something very special about Serendipity Stables and Charm. I know many of you who have been there have experienced it firsthand. Those of you who haven’t yet owe it to yourselves to come and check it out. We have an open house on the Second Sunday of every month. We hope you’ll come and join us at 21721 State Route 47, West Mansfield, OH, 43358 between noon and 4pm.

Update 4/20/2014: Charm made a full recovery and is doing very well now. She’d still love to see you at any of our Second Sunday Open Houses! 🙂

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